I had to setup an SFTP server on an EC2 instance recently, with multiple users chroot-ed into their own directories (with access to only those directories), and a different set of ssh-enabled users, with key based authentication for sftp as well as ssh.

My first instinct was to do a Google search. Many links came up, none of which solved the complete problem. Some of them did not work (different Linux distro/version) and some ended up disabling ssh when I got sftp working.

I finally found this blog post -


It's the only set of instructions that actually worked, with all the constraints mentioned above.
For the record, the OS was Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. An additional step you need to take on this OS is to disable apparmor, or the ssh stops working after a reboot. I am not a Linux wizard, so I don't know yet why this happens.

On a related note, it turns out that a common mistake that many make is confusing FTP over SSL/TLS with SFTP. FTP over SSL is just FTP over a secure connection, while SFTP is a completely different protocol, with the file transfer happening over an ssh connection.