Hi! I’m Hrish.

This blog is about my experience in the software industry, what I find interesting, and what I am working on.

My software interests lie in product development, distributed systems, computer networks, cloud computing, machine learning, TechOps tools and transformations and working in focused engineering teams. Apart from figuring out how to write successful software, I also like staying fit, playing the violin, buying more books than I can ever read and spending time with my dogs.

I’m currently working on a solo project https://incidenthub.cloud/ - a tool to monitor your third party SaaS and cloud providers.

You can reach me at

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My non-software subjects of interest include music, history (ancient/medieval/modern), psychology, and linguistics. Usually, I am able to focus on only one of these at a time. I write about my other interests at https://www.hrishikeshbarua.com.